Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 Vanailla Cones Please...$2.14 at the second window...

We are not really fast food eaters, but the employees at McDonalds have been seeing us quite regularly... Our new favorite treat is the Vanilla Cone! It is $2.14 for two cones and each cone only has 150 calories (3.5 grams of fat), cause its low fat ice cream. Josh was telling his co-workers about this treat we love and one of the girls said its only 1 point on weight watchers. Last night we attempted to go to Cold Stone, as lame as it was, we actually left-no ice cream in hand. We both thought the idea of paying over 7 bucks for a "like it" was crazy...and we headed to Micky D's for a cone and a Red Box. Can't beat $3 for a movie and treat!

Friday, September 11, 2009

i HATE spiders!

So last night as I am brushing my teeth I am startled by this GIANT spider! The neighbors probably thought I was in immediate danger when I saw it, due to my scream. I usually have no problem taking care of most bugs, but I was glad josh was home to take care of this one- so disgusting!! It really is the biggest spider I have seen. I better not see another one in my house again! I freaked out a bit and went on a cleaning frenzy around midnight (closets, corners, dark spaces) in order to ease my mind and sleep. We looked at some spiders online we are pretty sure it's a HOBO- and yes! it is poisonous...I just pray I don't see another one! I can hardly stand to look at the pictures of it...
After killing this monster, I had Josh shake out all the shoes that were on the closet floor!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our First Visitor!

We had Josh's buddy Zane here for the weekend! We loved having him here and it was a good excuse to put our "tour guide" skills to the test. I would say we did pretty well for not being here too long. Here is a little view of our surroundings here in Kansas and what we did with Zane... We are happy to have anyone who has a desire to visit Kansas!
Royals Game
Down Town at the Plaza
More Plaza...Kansas is know for its MANY fountains ( more than Rome...seriously!)
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
The largest shuttle-cocks ever...