Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baby Gavin and Ty Guy

My cousin's boys Tyler and Gavin ALWAYS make my day better. If I had a long day of class or am feeling a little homesick these boys cheer me right up. Josh and I see them quite often since my cousin Kenzi and her husband Brandon (Josh's Bromance) are just a few minutes away. Tyler and Gavin both have birthdays in August, Gavin will be 1 and Tyler will be 3! Such cute ages. We are so lucky to have family close- especially with such adorable boys!

Shopping at Nordstrom's, those headbands were larger than life!

Daddy decided to give Tyler a BUZZ cut- I think Dad was the only one who loved it- Mom said NEVER AGAIN! At least he is a boy, it grows back, and he is still cute!

Please notice the tuft of hair that Tyler is grasping onto, he was very concerned when it was blowing off the patio!
Josh loves the boys too... He helps watch them and put them to bed, I even got him to change Gav's diaper. What a great daddy he is going to be some day.
Gavin also got a haircut that was his first, so dad was not allowed to do it. But all his little baby curls were cut off...

Friday, July 3, 2009


Sarah and Greg came to visit us in Logan right before we came to Kansas. When they stayed over they had the pleasure of seeing my hot Tux shirt I often wear to sleep; the one Josh detests and has hidden from me more than once when he does laundry. Well Sar thought it was hilarious. Since my camera battery was dead Sar said she would e-mail her pics to me....I just got the pics and to my surprise, Sar had found a sweet Tux shirt herself. Ha Ha Ha- you made my day!

Sar was so thoughtful to get me this KU shirt from the PINK college line at VS before I left for school. The funny thing is I bought it right when it went on SALE. So now Sar has one to wear and think of me while I am at KU. Thanks Sar you are so sweet!

We miss our fam!

Josh and I were blessed to have his family living so close to us in Logan! We miss them more everyday. Before we left for Kansas, we had pictures taken on Memorial Day with Cheryl's side of the family. The pictures turned out pretty good....