Saturday, February 12, 2011


We first told my family that we were expecting a couple weeks ago when we were in Boise...We went to dinner with just my Gramps and Grams Richards, Blake and Jess and my parents. Josh had a great idea to go get cupcakes and take them to the restaurant early. The waiter brought them out after our meal. Well, everyone was nothing short of speechless, shocked and in disbelief. My mom was looking around to see if someone she knew a the restaurant was playing a trick on her. They were all SO excited!!

We waited for the next day at Dinner to tell the boys. My mom saved the cupcake toppers and put them on their plates. They were CLUELESS!!! Corbin thought the binky on his plate was a message from my dad calling him a "baby." I had gone to Candice's baby shower earlier that day as well, so I guess they just thought we came home with some souvenirs from the event!? I had to post their reaction!

(you can pause the music at the bottom of the blog...)

After we told my family, we decided to wait almost 2 weeks to tell Josh's fam on his dad's birthday (yesterday). So that meant the Richards had to keep quiet for a bit! I do not know if that was harder for us or my mom. : ) Josh helped his mom compile a book of photos and letters for Jeff's 50th birthday. In the book was the picture of the ultrasound next to Cam and Tai's ultrasound. Cam and Tai announced they were due in June at Christmas, right after we found out. We have been so excited to announce there will be little Brown Cousins so close together!

We feel so blessed to be expecting a new addition into our family. As my brothers said "It's about time, it's been four years..." We will keep you all posted. We will find out the sex of the baby on April Fool's Day. NO JOKE!


First Attempt of i movie on our Mac...enjoy