Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We are doing our best to take advantage of all the holiday festivities around us...We went to go see Santa at the mall.  Kase had mixed emotions.  At first (from afar) he was waving, smiling and blowing kisses.  However, come time to take a seat on old Santa's lap, he was not having it!  I can't say I blame him (pictures say a 1000 words in this case)! Maybe next year Kason and Santa will have more of a LOVE/LOVE relationship instead of a LOVE/HATE!

Running away from Santa
We thought we would try it with Mama, still hating it! (Yes, I did think it was funny!)
 I turned 27!  Hard to believe another year has flown by. Getting slowly closer to 30. Josh had a VERY early Sunday meeting and got up before he left to decorate.
My boys made me breakfast (Well mostly Josh) A yummy veggie Omelet.  Josh also made/planned our Sunday dinner with his fam.  Grateful for his thoughtfulness! 
 It was a pretty low key day.  The best part about a Sunday birthday is I got to spend ALL DAY with my two favorite boys.  Doesn't get much better than this sweet face and belly laughs from throwing streamers!
 So excited.  I love how much he enjoys the simplest things in life.  Kason teaches me more than he will ever know.
 Very grateful to all  my friends and family (NEAR and FAR) who spoiled me and made my birthday such a special day.  I feel very lucky to have so much love in my life! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December begins...

 My absolute favorite way to kick off the holiday season is with the Brown Family SLC weekend tradition.  We have been doing this tradition for  about 4 or 5 years now.  I look for ward to it every single year!  The first weekend of December we do an overnight in Salt Lake to partake in the holiday festivities.  This year we switched it up a little and went to the Zoo Lights and City Creek, instead of our usual visit to the Festival of Trees. Thanks so much Jeff and Cheryl for such a fun family tradition!  Bring on Christmas!
Zoo Lights!
There were not a ton of animals showing their faces at zoo lights, but Kase still loved it.  The animals he could see he got excited about and, he loved all the bright moving lights.
Cousin Carousel Ride
At the fair this summer, we had Kase go on his first carousel ride.  Not a fan.  I went on it with him since he was still little.  It scared him and he was trying to crawl up me acting a little freaked out.  This time he started out unsure (and pretty much stayed that way) with a look on his face like..."what's going on?" as he moved up down and around.
 Looking for the animals with Uncle Jord.  Kason is quite fond of his uncle Jordan.  We are lucky to have most of Josh's fam close by so that Kason gets to spend lots of time with his aunts, uncles and cousin London.
 Christmas at City Creek
I loved all the lights and Christmas decor at City Creek!  Kason let the Christmas Elf hold him...for a moment.  Then he gave her the stiff arm, like he does to pretty much everyone who limits his independence of walking! :) Yes my baby boy is becoming a toddler and it is a little sad!
Sunday Brunch at Little America! YUM!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Taking on this trial with stride and holding her head high!

Truly an inspiration


Thursday, November 29, 2012


I am grateful for the month of November.  Here is why... most of the month leads up to the holiday of Thanksgiving.  This is an opportunity for me to really reflect on all the things I have been blessed with in my life.  We had a great Thanksgiving here in Logan with Josh's fam.  I love how Thanksgiving is a perfect excuse to get together with family without all the distractions that often come with Christmas.  It's a chance to visit and anticipate the upcoming Christmas holiday! November (well October 31st) is when "the holidays" begin!  We have had a great month  and it has flown by all too quickly.   Christmas is literally around the corner.

I have really tried to have the mindset of "living in the moment" this month!  ALL OF THE MOMENTS...including the moments where Kason has thrown his food on the ground...again, having a grumpy babe because his first two teeth are finally breaking through, or remaking a recipe because I put a Tablespoon of vanilla instead of a teaspoon...these moments are all a part of being a mommy and a wife so I am trying to appreciate these moments more.

We don't always expect what life is going to throw at us.  I was quickly reminded of that this month.  My mom found out that she had breast cancer.  I was in shock, so I can only imagine the shock she was feeling. What? MY Mom? Breast cancer? Nobody wants to hear that news.  I am incredibly grateful for all the support and love that we have received as a family as people have found out.  I am grateful for my faith and the comfort I feel knowing we can get through this trial as a family. I am grateful for the amazingly strong and courageous mother I have...It was no surprise that my mom was able to accept this trial with such a positive attitude.  She is human, and of course she had her ups and downs with finding out the news.  However, she too has accepted and is facing this trial with great stride.  She is amazing.  

It is a MOMENT like finding out my mom has cancer that encourages me to be grateful for ALL of the moments in my life and appreciate the things that I have been blessed with!

Here are the moments that have mad this month great!
My friend (since kindergarten) Cass got married!
Such a fun wedding...on the dance floor till late into the night!  Yes Josh was there too (and dancing) we just failed to get a pic! : (
Little Kase man knocked out after a day of shopping with mom and Grammy!
 Roomie get-together!  We got to see my roommates from college Sar and Megs and their hubbys and the babies!  Last time we were able to get together there were only 3 babies; Sar had just had Kam and Megan a new mom to twin boys...now there are 6!  Megs lives in Las Vegas, so we LOVE it when she comes to Utah and we can see each other!
 A picture with all of the babies looking!
(Kam, Halle, Nora, Kason, Cohen & Crew)
 Kason pushed this little stroller around the entire night!
 This handsome little man all ready for church
 Thanksgiving dinner- don't let this smile fool you.  He wasn't really a fan of any of the food.  Maybe next year when he has some teeth!
My most favorite face in the world.  "Mooches" this kid gives some great kisses!
Playing with Dad
Going in for an open mouth kiss. He didn't hold his pucker on this one! : )
 My tough mother SMILING at her first round of chemo...no surprise!

Friday, November 2, 2012


 This year Halloween was SO. MUCH. FUN.  I would say this was the first holiday (other than Kason's first birthday) where Kason seemed out of the "baby" stage.  As hard as it is to see my little guy grow so fast right before my eyes...I am LOVING this stage!  It is pure joy to watch those wheels turning in Kason's head nonstop and he explores and learns the world around him.  Even though Kase didn't really know what was happening on Halloween...he knew he liked it!  He got excited when he got candy in his basket (yes my child went house to house with an Easter basket!)  He wore his bear costume...a lot...especially the head.  If he saw it hanging in his closet he would yell and jabber while  pulling on it.  Kids really do make the holidays more magical and fun.  We are looking forward to Christmas!! : )
"Practicing" for Halloween...

We have had great weather these days and have taken full advantage of being outside!
Someone spotted the kitty.  Kason LOVES cats or any animal for that matter (unlike his mom)

This year we Trick or Treated with Kason's friend Monroe aka Popeye and his cousin London aka Little Miss Peacock
 This cute little costume was actually worn by Kason's uncle Brogan : )
Halloween 2011
Halloween 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monkey Business

Little Kase man loves his new found independence of walking.  His favorite place to explore/make a mess is the Kitchen.  I always wonder what exactly is going on in his mind and he discovers new things.  It is so fun to see how much more he understands now.  It's bittersweet to see him get older and grow out of "baby" stage.  He is such a fun kid and I am am very grateful that I get to be home with him...best job in the entire world!  When I was with my girlfriends in San Francisco one of them said, "I don't think any of us girls are REALLY living our "dream job..."  I had to pipe in and say, "I AM!!"  Don't get me wrong there are days that are far from perfect or days that I don't shower till after Kason goes to bed (even though I went to the gym at 9 am!!) or am lucky to sit for an entire meal...but I love it!
 Would do this all day long.  The other day he hit a ball around with a strainer for 20 minutes.  Maybe I should get him a bat; probably would still prefer the strainer...
 Like Father..like Son...Reading ESPN the Magazine
Playing in his little corner of toys...when we say, "Go find your toys," his eyes shift directly to this area and he takes off to go get his toys.
 Getting in as much outside time as we can before Old Man Winter comes to stay!

October Review

We  have had quite a bit going on this month! (lots of pics)  To start out the month I had a little girls' weekend getaway trip to San Francisco with my girlfriends from Boise.  My friend Cass, clear back from elementary, is getting married!!! What a great excuse for a girls' trip to celebrate the Wed of Cass and Derrick!  Amanda lives in the Marina District of San Fran.  She was the best little hostess and we all had a bed awaiting us at her place.  (not that we got much sleep!)

 We hiked to see a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge

 We went on a sailing excursion.  View of the city.

 Everyone in San Fran just hangs out on the roof tops.  Pretty fun!
 We had the best weather.
 Beautiful Wine Country
 Julz and I took advantage of the steep streets to get our morning workout.  A coffee shop called Jane had the BEST Greens smoothie ever (good enough to pay $9 for)
I had such a great time with my girlfriends. It was a good little break but I was ready to get back to my "Mommy Duties" and get back to my WALKING baby boy!

Kason started to full on walk while I was gone!  Luckily he was taking steps before I left.  Josh told me he would be walking when I got back...and he was.

Just a couple days after getting back we headed to Boise for a few days to visit my fam and see Brog's last football game of the season!

At Uncle Brogan's Game

 GO COUGS!! #33 That's our boy!

 Field Crew

 Great Grandpa Bolinder

Kason LOVED the pumpkins when we went to have lunch with Great Grams and Gramps.

Can never get enough of a sweet sleeping babe.

Grammy Richards winterized Kason while we were there.  He didn't like the idea of dress up before breakfast.  This little pouty face kills me!

Kason you are not looking too much like a baby anymore!

This handsome man turned...29!!!

One more year of 20s babe...live it up! : )  I love this picture!  I am so blessed to have these two boys in my life.  Josh's birthday was on a Sunday this year so we went out on Saturday night and celebrated with Josh's fam on Sunday.

Like I said we have had a lot going on this month already and its not quite over...we still have Halloween to look forward to.  Let the Holidays begin!