Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kason's First Week at Home!


Daddy and Kase hanging out
One Happy Grandma!
Uncle Blake and Jess came to visit and brought Kason his cradle that Blake hand made!

Thanks Uncle Blake, I love my cradle!

First bath at home

Sung as a bug (Kason LOVES his binky!)

Got to meet Cousin London first day home from the hospital, she is 2 months older. It's gong to be fun with these two so close in age!

Kason Joshua Brown

Last shot of the baby boy in the belly!

Our baby boy is 10 days old today and I cannot believe how fast time has already gone by. I tell Josh everyday that I just want to freeze him so he stays a little guy. However, I know that's not possible and each new stage will bring more fun and excitement into our lives as parents.

Our baby boy was 5 days early. I was for sure ready to have him, but luckily was not feeling to the point of being miserable at 39 weeks pregnant. More than anything I was just anxious to see our little guy!

At my 37 week appointment I had an ultra sound to check the babe's growth. The doctor said he looked a little small, but was not surprised given that I am smaller and Josh is average. The doctor said the baby was healthy and was not concerned.

Well right before 39 week appointment (August 17th) I told Josh I had a little bit of a nervous/anxious feeling that was different than before any other appointment. He joked and said maybe we will just have the baby today. Well long story short...the doctor did another ultrasound and said, "Looks like the baby has not had much more growth since the last ultrasound so we will just go ahead and get you admitted to labor and delivery today..." (he said this very casual and matter-of -fact.) The only response I could get out of my mouth was, "SERIOUSLY?" He laughed at me and said, "I thought I would be your best friend right about now??" He sent us home to get our stuff and then we were back up to Labor and Delivery.

My mom and dad made it from Boise in plenty of time, I was a little worried with the 4 hour drive they had. Cheryl was in the delivery room as well. It was pretty special to have my mom, dad and mother in law there! Overall, Labor and Delivery went really well. I was induced about 3:00 pm on the 17th and then the baby boy came at 1:57 am on the 18th. The first 8 hours FLEW by, then the next 2-3 drug out forever. I was not in pain, I got my epidural when I was dilated to a 4, so the contractions prior to that were bearable. The baby's heart rate was dropping a bit off and on from the pitocin, so once I was dilated to a 7 the pitocin was turned off. Just after 1:00 am I was dilated to a 10, and it was GO time. The nurse said with first time moms it usually takes 1-3 hours of pushing. I said "This baby will be our in less than an hour." (I was starving at this point- eating only ice and Popsicles for hours on end). The baby was turned face up, the doctor flipped him around and 45 minutes later our baby boy made his entrance! Finally the day we left the hospital we picked a name for our boy!

Kason Joshua Brown
6 lbs 3 oz
19.5 inches

My mom was here the first week after I had him! It was wonderful to have her here. She is the baby guru after all her kids! I quickly realized how much she had already taught me over the years of being a great mother. She took such good care of me and Kason. I was so sad to have her go. The best part in addition to all the yummy meals and cleaning my house, was her company and expert advice to getting Kason on a schedule.

Grandma and Grandpa Brown
Oma and Papa Richards

Life with a new baby so far has been an amazing experience and I really do not feel as if there are words to describe it. "Love at first sight," is one phrase I have heard new parents use and now being a mother I can relate to that. He eats GREAT, sleeps most of the time he is not eating an he is very content. He only wakes up once in the night to eat, so I am very grateful to get about 4 hours of sleep between feedings. I love holding him while he's so tiny and watching all his little expressions, even when he is sleeping! He has two little dimples that I cannot wait to see more of when he really starts to smile! I love seeing Josh with Kason as well, he is a great Dad and it is evident how our little guy already has dad wrapped around his finger.

Time to go home....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My New Favorite Room of the House!

The Nursery is complete and I love the way it turned out. When I found out I was having a boy I thought there is no way I will do his room blue...well I found this bedding I fell in love with while I was in SLC with my mom at a place called Babinski's. Long story short his room is Aqua, Cloud White, and Tangerine. After I got the bedding my mom told me she actually did my nursery peach and blue... great minds think alike I guess!

view from the door

my mom did an amazing job with this quilt (give dad some credit too, he helped cut squares out!)

had these vinyl cut outs made to match the bedding and painted the canvases

this is my new favorite place to sit and wait for baby : )

I wanted the curtains to be pretty simple and my mom willingly sewed on the ribbon to the white curtains we got.

dresser that we repainted, i think it just completes the room

now it is time to come see your room baby boy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Projects, Organizing, Nesting and Cleaning!

We have had the majority of the babe's nursery done for some time now, but have been procrastinating one of the final projects. Hence, the reason I have not posted any pictures yet. It needs to be complete first. I wanted to have a bright piece or furniture in the nursery so we decided to repaint a dresser that we had. We have been so busy with other stuff it kinda took the back burner. So this last weekend I was bound and determined to get it done...getting a little worried the baby would arrive before the room was done- NOT GOOD! I love how it turned out and there will be pictures of the nursery soon to come.

Looking pretty excited there Dad!

Two days shy of 39 weeks...race to finish before the babes arrives!

Friday was my final day of work before my maternity leave. The baby must know his mom needed a couple of days to nest, organize, finalize projects, and clean! I was worried he would make his appearance the day I finished work...So it is pretty nice having a couple of "free" days!