Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hard to believe it, and now he is almost closer to eleven months since I have been slacking on the  blog posts.
This little man gets more active by the day.  He's crawling faster and continuing to pull himself up on everything!  No steps yet, but he will walk himself along the furniture.  I am in not rush to have him walk: )  He is such a happy baby.  He loves to just play and entertain himself.  He started making new noises like tongue clicking and blowing noises, which he thinks is pretty amusing.  He transitioned to formula, which he HATED initially.  He got used to it though.  Being done breastfeeding makes him feel like less of a baby, which is bittersweet.  I had planned to nurse until twelve months, but my milk supply was getting lower and I wanted him to take a bottle with formula while we were we made the switch.  He loves to eat and wants to eat or drink whatever we are.  He has a little obsessions with FROGS, not sure if it is the color or actually the animal??  He has also started to dance, wave and give "bonx."  I say, "Give me bonx," and he will lean forward tap his forehead into mine!  I love being home with this sweet boy.  He makes me happy and brings so much JOY into our lives!
His face in this picture KILLS ME! I laugh every time I look at it!

Fun in the Sun

 Josh and I went on a little vae-cae to California without the babes.  I was both exited (to have some time with my husband) and sad/anxious (to leave my baby for the FIRST time overnight) in the weeks leading up to the trip.  I knew Kason would be in great hands with Grandma and Grandpa Brown, I'm just not used to being away from him would be different.  He is my little sidekick.  We had such a great time and I know Kason did too.  We were gone 4 days, which I think was the perfect number of days to be away for the first time.  Now my belief that it is good for mamma and baby to have some healthy separation is even firmer!  It is hard to get good quality time with your spouse once there is another person involved, so I was very grateful to have the time with Josh.  I forgot about some of the things that are easier to do without a, eat out, go to the movies, layout...
Huntington Beach
 Too bad we are not closer to a beach...maybe someday!

When I was missing Kason I just had to remind myself, "Hey there would be no lazy naps by the beach if Kase man was here!" : )
 California Adventure
 Yes, we even went to Disneyland with NO kids. We figured it might be our only chance!
 Josh INSISTED we go on It's a Small World, always a classic.  Kason would have LOVED all the colors and movement on this one.
 Mouseketeers : )
Newport Beach, one of my favorite beaches!
 I decided while we were here that I would honestly LOVE to live in California.  I always thought I wanted to live somewhere with 4 distinct seasons, but it would be hard to dislike a place where you can be outside pretty much any day of the year!  We would just have to take a lot of ski trips : )
 As you can see this boy was well taken care of.  I missed him like crazy, but frequent pictures like these made me worry free and enjoy our time in sunny Cali!  THANKS again to my wonderful mother and father in law for taking such good care of Kase!

Lacrosse Star

I have been able to see my  family SO much this month...3 weeks in a row!  After I had been to Boise twice in the first two weeks of June for Hayden's homecoming and Corb's graduation, they came to Park City for Brog's Lacrosse tourney.  Kason and I went and spent a couple days in Park City watching Brogan play Lacrosse and hanging with the fam in Park City.  Brogan is a pretty awesome lacrosse player.
If it looks like Brog's face was painted as a CAT, that's pretty accurate.  Clay thought it would be funny to paint his face up like a cat with eye black, and of course Brog thought it was sweet.  That is what I love about Brogan, he does things his way and doesn't really care what other people might think about it!
  It was so nice to walk right behind our hotel to hiking trails.  We couldn't pass up the opportunity to get on the ski lift.
This boy was a KING in the massive jetted tub.  He had his own personal swimming pool.

Happy Homecoming

About 10 days after Hayden came home he gave his talk in church talking about his mission experiences.  So we were back to Boise!  Hayden did such a great job, he has grown so much as an individual and is as delightful as ever to be around!  It was a great excuse to get together with friends and family!  Lucky guy left to Hawaii the next week.  I'd say he deserved some R and R after two years of service!
Josh wasn't able to come because of school not to mention he was sick! : (
Two handsome boys!
Julz, Call Ali and Amanda (SO GLAD SHE WAS IN TOWN) came up to breakfast before church and Cat and Candice came to the homecoming. I love when I go to Boise I get to see the majority of my girlfriends. Aw! I sure love you girls!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Early morning run to Target (in Boise) So lame we don't have one in Logan. 

 I love it when we can be outside the majority of the day instead of being cooped up in the house.  This wonderful season definitely increases our activity options: running (Kase LOVES the baby jogger), swimming, park, evening walks, lakes, BBQs, biking, hiking, camping, golfing (need to get a lesson!) and much more...

Each night before I got to bed I gotta kiss this sweet face!  
This kid cracks me up, his smile makes me so happy.  Very grateful for a happy baby.
This kid will snuggle just about anytime!

Hayden is Home

We got to Boise in time to go to Corb's graduation from High school, two days before Hayden got home.  Good job Corby Joe you did it! 
I cannot believe  how fast the time has gone.  Especially the last nine months, anxiously awaiting the day that Kason would get to meet his Uncle Hayden!  He arrived home last week from his mission in Guatemala.  Hayden has so many admirable qualities, a great outlook on life, and the most contagious laugh and smile.  I had tears of joy as I gave him a huge squeeze and saw the GIGANTIC smile he had on his face as he saw everyone and quickly grabbed Kason (after hugging my mom of course!)
 First hug off the plane with Mamma
 Couldn't get Kason in his arms fast enough

He had this suit Jacket custom made, typical Hayden!

 Digging through his treasures he brought home for the family.  Still the same Haydo crackin' his jokes and making everyone laugh with his stories!
 I couldn't help but think in a blink of an eye the time will pass and my baby boy will be all grown up and decide if he wants to serve a mission.  I gotta stop having those "fast forward" thoughts!