Monday, December 7, 2009

The Royal Treatment!

Josh and I were fortunate to not only get tickets for the Chiefs game, but we also got to watch it from a Suite! Thanks to my wonderful Uncle Bob, we could not have had better seats or treatment! It was my first NFL game! Maybe it was a mistake experience my first game that way, now I have such high expectations...ha ha... Even though it was a bit of a blowout against the Denver Broncos, how could we complain!? We got a nice lunch, a warm place to watch the game and all the hot chocolate we wanted in our little suite. Although, half the fun was also seeing the CRAZY pregame fans!! Thanks again Bob!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nothing is HOTTER than 90's Maternity

Sonja, Tara, Kenzi (my aunt and cousins) and I had quite the laugh last night!!! Kenzi was in search of some old collectibles in the storage room...I think what we found was better! Stirrups...denim jumpers...and shoulder pads is what we found...Sonja's maternity clothes from the early 90's. Keep in mind that none of these clothes are bigger than a SMALL. They made tents for women who were prego back in the day. Comfort was no issue, there is plenty of room for two...or three in these threads. We know Sonja you were probably the most stylish hot pregnant mama when you wore these! Just to clarify, for any of you who have not seen me in several months... I am NOT pregnant, although that should be pretty obvious with my makeshift "baby!"

I think this is Michelle Duggar's same dress!

Tara is modeling the floral tent...
No these are not PJs, this is really an outfit!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Happy Halloween!

"Witch Hunt"

Let me first explain our costumes! Josh and I went to Walmart on the night before Halloween. Josh made it clear he wanted to use his camo gear (at least he found a use for it, since he sure does not hunt...o wait there was one turkey hunt). So we were looking for some type of animal costume for me and wanted to keep it pretty cheap! Then I found the witch accessories in a $5 kit...Josh thinking he was pretty crafty...declared we would be a WITCH HUNT...So there you have it.

We went to my cousin's for a little party then took the kids out Trick-or-Treating; have not done that in some time. It was a great night to be out, it was perfect sweatshirt weather. The kids had fun and we raided their candy when they were done.

My cute cousins Tar (O and baby Walker) and Kenz! Love them!

The Pirate Family!

The Candy Men...Passing out the treats...

The Parrot and Daddy, I love that Gav has his tongue sticking strait out!

I believe I heard the words "ARR MATEY" about a 1000 times this weekend, and every time it made me laugh

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh!

Josh's face is priceless in this pic...ha ha ha

Today Josh is 26! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband. Josh is so mellow and low-key, which is a great balance for me! : ) He is patient, kind, and he loves to laugh. I knew I loved him when we could just laugh together- the kind of laughter that makes your stomach hurt and your eyes water. He does a good job of telling me not to be so serious or worry when I get stressed over the little things or I am having a bad day. I appreciate all he does for our little family of two and his great support as I am going to school. I hope you have a wonderful day deserve it! Love you long time! xoxo

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fabulous Fall

Usually I have class on Saturday from 8-5, but thanks to "Fall Break" I had this Saturday off! It was great! We went to the KC Pumpkin Patch with my Auntie Sonja and the rest of the fam... I am so very grateful to have family here! We had a great day enjoying the fall festivities at the Pumpkin Patch. I was quickly reminded, how much work the carving actually is. My dad is the MASTER of all pumpkin carvers...I remember when we were little he would spend hours carving as we waited anticipating the final cut of the design, Thanks Dad! : )

Tyler picked a green pumpkin for 'Baby Walker,' that would be Tara's baby in her belly!

Hay Ride
Gavin was excited to get a little ride of his own...

The boys had a nice little race, almost took some children out...

One day we will have our own kids, for now we like to steal Kenzi and Brandon's

This took many attempts, notice Tylers concentration!

Done carving... finally

Friday, October 9, 2009

Blakey Poo is 22!

Blakey Poo is 22! That is hard to believe...there are so many memories that feel like they were just yesterday...Blake and I have a GREAT relationship. We had a bit of a love/hate relationship in the younger years...we would play together then we would beat each other up, but over the years we got pretty close! I love that Blake can ALWAYS make me laugh even if I am in a bad mood. When we were in high school there were times when I would be mad at lasted a whole 5 minutes before he would have me cracking up at some lame joke or comment! Blake lives life to the fullest and I love that about him...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAKE, LOVE YOU!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 Vanailla Cones Please...$2.14 at the second window...

We are not really fast food eaters, but the employees at McDonalds have been seeing us quite regularly... Our new favorite treat is the Vanilla Cone! It is $2.14 for two cones and each cone only has 150 calories (3.5 grams of fat), cause its low fat ice cream. Josh was telling his co-workers about this treat we love and one of the girls said its only 1 point on weight watchers. Last night we attempted to go to Cold Stone, as lame as it was, we actually left-no ice cream in hand. We both thought the idea of paying over 7 bucks for a "like it" was crazy...and we headed to Micky D's for a cone and a Red Box. Can't beat $3 for a movie and treat!

Friday, September 11, 2009

i HATE spiders!

So last night as I am brushing my teeth I am startled by this GIANT spider! The neighbors probably thought I was in immediate danger when I saw it, due to my scream. I usually have no problem taking care of most bugs, but I was glad josh was home to take care of this one- so disgusting!! It really is the biggest spider I have seen. I better not see another one in my house again! I freaked out a bit and went on a cleaning frenzy around midnight (closets, corners, dark spaces) in order to ease my mind and sleep. We looked at some spiders online we are pretty sure it's a HOBO- and yes! it is poisonous...I just pray I don't see another one! I can hardly stand to look at the pictures of it...
After killing this monster, I had Josh shake out all the shoes that were on the closet floor!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our First Visitor!

We had Josh's buddy Zane here for the weekend! We loved having him here and it was a good excuse to put our "tour guide" skills to the test. I would say we did pretty well for not being here too long. Here is a little view of our surroundings here in Kansas and what we did with Zane... We are happy to have anyone who has a desire to visit Kansas!
Royals Game
Down Town at the Plaza
More Plaza...Kansas is know for its MANY fountains ( more than Rome...seriously!)
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
The largest shuttle-cocks ever...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Brithday Adopted Mother!

Cheryl is my mother-in-law...for those of you who do not know her that is very unfortunate! Today is her birthday! I hope that you have a wonderful day because you deserve it! Josh and I sure miss you. I think it has only been less than 2 weeks since i left , and Christmas can't come soon enough... These are the reasons we LOVE Mom/Cheryl!
  • Loves to Laugh (usually till she cannot breathe)
  • Makes the yummiest treats
  • Always bugs us to have her grand babies
  • Would do ANYTHING for ANYONE
  • She is a expert "list maker" : )
  • She is a great example
  • She can let loose and have fun
  • She always makes the best of every situation
  • Treats everyone like her own child..ask Chris if you don't believe us
xoxo Have a HAPPY HAPPY day! xoxo

Saturday, August 22, 2009

BrOgAn' S 7!!!

Hard to believe Brog turned seven years old today! Wish I could celebrate with the fam, but I was lucky enough to see him while I was in Utah a couple of times! Hope you ad a great day buddy! We love you!

Back in Kansas!

Well Josh and I made it through our time apart! Some days were harder than others, but it sure made me appreciate our marriage, spending time together and all that Josh does for me! I am so happy to be back in Kansas...We had a few days before I started up my fall semester. It has been nice not having a set schedule since work starts for him in September (YAY!) and I just began my fall semester today...Along with Josh I missed my family that is here- especially the boys. I got home just in time for Tyler's 3rd Birthday. I do of course miss my favorite things about Logan...Family...Friends...My Job...Mountains...Sports Academy (lame, but true!) But being away from all that is SO worth being back with Joshua!

Tyler being a GOOF!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


The last couple of months have been a little crazy...the move to first semester of grad school...Josh's job hunt...etc...Once my semester ended for Summer, Josh was still playing the "waiting game" on jobs. He had applied for many and interviewed for others (once or twice) all while he was still applying to many others. Luckily, my old boss in Logan was generous enough to let me come work for 5 weeks. GREAT! We knew that was a huge blessing for us- the only downside, Josh and I would be separated the whole time since he was in the middle of his job search. I think the longest we have been apart since we have been married is 4 we have faith through our trials, great things come! We are down to less than 2 weeks and it has not been the easiest experience, but we are grateful for opportunity my boss gave to me. Josh has been so patient and diligent in his job search and it has paid off! He was offered a position with Farmers Insurance today! YAY! We were so happy for Josh to get the offer, it really took a huge amount of stress off of us! Thanks to our family and friends who have been supportive and encouraging, you are all blessings in our life as well!

I appreciate Josh for being positive throughout the last few weeks. I know it has probably gone by even slower for him since I have been SO busy working. Plus the fact that he is in new place where he does not know a ton of people. Thank you for sacrificing your sanity Josh : )

Since I have been in Logan I work nearly everyday, but I have played a little too...

We took the girls (for work) to Jackson Hole and went river rafting, to Bar J's, and hiking.

Jenny Lake Hike with my sidekick Kristy!

I went to Boise to visit my family

Yes, this is what Clay wears to church...on a regular basis!

I have got to spend a good amount of time with the Browns since I am staying there. It has been wonderful to be with them- thank you so much Jeff and Cheryl for all you do! Cheryl, Celsey and I also went to Lagoon one day and had a BLAST...(Go Jet Star)
I found out this is the actual house Josh's Grandpa Brown grew up in. It is in the Pioneer Village at Lagoon and was brought from Rockport, where he grew up...crazy!

This lady had the SWEETEST hair I think I will ever see...ever!

Miss you TONS Josh and I can't wait to see you...10 days...