Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Josh turned 28!

Kason and I flew back from Boise on the afternoon of Josh's birthday. So Kason had his first experience on a plane and I had my first experience traveling with a little one. Overall we did pretty good! Kason did have a blowout on the plane, but I had a change of clothes and we got it taken care of (also grateful for the tip I got to keep zip locks in the diaper bag!). The helpful flight attendant even sent me off the plane with a can of club soda and maxi pad to scrub out the poop on his little outfit. Aside from the poop shenanigans, Kason was totally content and took a nap.

How a mother traveling alone problem solves to get her shoes on and crap gathered after going through the security!
Bonus: NO waiting in line in security with a child, send you right to the front.
Notice the change in outfit for Kase! : )

I surprised Josh and had made plans to stay at the Zermatt Resort for his birthday. The resort was great and it was so beautiful with all the fall color changes. We spent the next day in Park City and took our time getting back to Logan. Kason continues to be a great little shopper...for now at least! I think I could be happy with beautiful Fall weather and colors all year long.

The Swiss Village

Two Months

Baby Kason also turned 2 months while we were in Boise. Time has sure flown by so far with my sweet baby boy!

Milestones and memories of 2 months:
  • more focus on faces and objects
  • sleeping through the night, typically he goes down about 10 and sleeps anywhere from 5:30-7:00 am, I am LOVING it!
  • more coos and laughter
  • recognition of mom and dad's voice
  • hearing a true laugh for the first time (one of my favorite things yet)
  • multiple blowouts!
  • now out of his new born diapers and in size 1
  • transitioned into 0-3 mo clothes, some still a little big for him
  • his 2 month check-up with shots; he is now 23 inches and 10 lb 8 oz
I am loving being a mom more and more everyday and cannot get enough of my sweet baby boy!


We got to take our second trip to Boise with Kason. This time Kason and I got to stay for an entire week. Josh was there with us through the weekend until Monday and then had to return to work (one of us has to right?!) Kason and I stayed with Oma, Papa and the Uncles for the remainder of the week. I don't even remember the last time I was in Boise for an entire week. We got to see lots of friends and family, it was great! Even a week was hardly long enough to see all of our loved ones in B-Town. Here are some pics of our visit!

Girls' Night + Kason at Cass's house!
Maddox and Paxton, My cousin Kirsty's cute kiddos
Great Grandpa Bolinder
Kase and Papa

Uncle Broggy, who informed my mom he loved Kason more than her...

At the football games on beautiful Saturday morning!
Evidently...Blake has become a mountain man.
Oma showing off her grandson everyone at the games! : )
Uncle Clay and Uncle Corb
Football Boys! Both won their games and Brog even scored a touchdown for us!