Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mr. Personality

This little boy already has a lot of personality and knows just how to use it! It is so hard to resist this little face he pulls when its nap time. I have to hurry and leave the room before the temptation gets too strong and I pick him up to play...prolonging nap time.

Kason wanted to try out a new hand... so he took Halle's fist as if it were his own and shoved it in his mouth. These little cuties are only about 6 weeks apart. This could be trouble down the road. We are going to have to teach Kason to be more of a gentleman!

Looking spiffy in his little man clothes! : )

Killer boots man!

My little cowboy! All he needs are some boots and a horse, right?!

5 Months

Kason is 5 months old!

Kase has made a new discovery, he is liking his little toes.

Happy to report Kason's first little cold has passed. He got a cold a couple weeks ago. He was still pretty content, but at times I could tell he felt pretty miserable. Luckily it did not turn into anything serious, which I was so grateful for. He is back to his happy self and no longer sounds like a little snorting piggy now that he can clearly breath through his nose again! : )

Kason LOVES his baby oatmeal, and he goes into panic mode after the last bite because he wants more. Since Kason has been eating his own food he has become very aware of anyone else eating or drinking around him...he wants whatever you have and will let you know this by making noises like a little begger.

If we lay Kase down on his back within a second he'll whip over to his tummy. He also does this to avoid going to sleep when he wants to play. He is such a funny little kid and I love to see his personality come out more and more everyday. Can't wait to see what the next month brings!