Sunday, February 26, 2012

SiX MoNtHs

Our baby boy is six months old.  "Six months," has for sure been the hardest age to spit out when people ask me how old Kason is. I just can't believe that he is half way to being one!  He continues to bring joy into our lives everyday.  He is such a happy baby.  Some of the things I want to remember about this age...

  • More and more sounds, pitches, tones and noises coming from Kason
  • He has started to take much more of an interest in his toys
  • He wants anything we are eating or drinking
  • He is eating more baby food, which I have been making from fresh fruits and veggies (lots easier than I thought)
  • He still LOVES to snuggle
  • Kason continues to sit content in his infant seat as I go to crossfit each morning (he is pretty entertained by all that's going on around him)
  • He is a GREAT traveler
  • He laughs all the time (deep belly laughs)
  • He is a tummy sleeper and lately with his knees tucked under him
  • Makes his mom and dad smile every single day with his cute personality
  • His toes are his chew toys; no teeth yet
  • He is toying with the idea of crawling with his new moves


Kason and I took our first trip to Boise without Dad.  The original plan included Josh, but Josh ended up having to stay behind to prep for a *Final* so we ventured out on our own.

*side note, Josh is now doing the Executive MBA program at USU.  As if work does not keep him busy enough, be ends his week with school on Friday nights and Saturdays.  I am grateful for how hard he works and appreciate all he does to still make time to spend with me and Kase.  He will be done with the program early Fall 2013.  He takes one course at a time for 6 weeks.  One down baby!  GOOD JOB!

Kason was a champ on the drive both to and from Boise, he slept 75% of the time each way.  We also had dry roads and no bad weather. WOO.HOO. good weather is rare in February.  We had a great time as we spent the week with the fam and friends, it always goes too fast.  However, we were excited to get back to Dad. 

We got to go Brog's race and Kason had his first visit to a ski resort! One of many I am sure.  Grammy Richards already has plane to teach him to ski.

I got to see most of my girlfriends and Julz and I took a hike up to Table Rock.  Hiking in February??? Love it!

Laurie, Fred and the kids were in town so we also went bowling with the Richards Fam.

Kason's First Valentine's Day

Typically for Valentines Day Josh and I dine in at home with take out and a movie. This year since Grandma and Grandpa Brown wanted to take the Babes we went out for dinner. We went to a new local restaurant Kabuki, which is a pretty impressive second to Benihanas (one of my all time favs) I loved having a date night out with my Valentine Josh but couldn't wait to get home to my other little Valentine Kason.

My two Valentines!!

I felt so blessed and loved by my two Valentines this year. I am very happy to have my two boys in my life. Josh outdid himself this year on the V day gifts...a day at the spa and then a belated surprise...

We regularly watch the show "Up All Night." Baby Mamma on the show Christina Applegate always wears a necklace that says "Amy" the name of her daughter on the show.
I mentioned one time how much I liked the necklace that she wears on every episode. Well Josh took note and surprised me with a "Kason" necklace! I LOVE IT!  I told Josh NOT to get me flowers especially since Kason and I were taking off to Boise the day after Valentine's.  So the necklace and flowers were on the table upon my return from Boise.  It was such a thoughtful surprise. 

("Kason" is backwards since this pic was taken with the computer, but you get the point!) : )

Thanks Josh for making Kason and I feel so loved every day of the year!