Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bear Crawling at Bear Lake

Kason had his first beach experience and he LOVED it!  We were up at Bear Lake for the Brown family reunion.  Kason bear crawled basically anytime he was on the sand.  Once he hit the water he would go into turbo speed and crawl as quickly as he could and as deep as he could into the lake.  He didn't even care that the water got colder as he went deeper.  His typical cautious personalty went by the wayside at the beach...

 It was such a blast to see him experience all of the sand and water for the first time.  He did eat some sand. He did drink some lake water.  He did lick a ton of rocks.  He even took a nap for nearly two hours in his pack n play at the beach.  As soon as he woke up he was ready for round two of sand and water.  We have got to get back to the lake before summer is over!!

 Playing with Daddy!

 This pic (that I didn't even know Josh took) perfectly captures what we did ALL DAY.  Played in this shallow water.  It was such a great spot for the kiddos!
 This little day trip to the beach only made my desire to live in Cali stronger. : ) Maybe one day...
 Kase and Max (only one month a part)
 I guess Kason thought Max looked tough enough to give him a piggy back ride!  Max looks like a GIANT in this picture with pee wee Kason ha ha ha

Thursday, July 19, 2012


A couple weeks ago my favorite peeps from Kansas were visiting Utah!!  Kenzi, Brandon, Tara, Aunt Sonja and the boys were all here visiting.  It was SOOOOO good to see them.  They were here after Kason was born, so it has almost been a year since we got to see them.  (TOO LONG).  The Walker/Hardy/Anderson bunch were all within minutes of us when we lived in Kansas.  As much as we love being closer to our immediate families, we sure do miss these guys!
 Tyler and Gavin
 Brand new baby Sawyer (2 months), Walker, Tyler and Gav
 Kase just wanted to be free so he could PLAY! : )
 Kason had a similar reaction to Sawyer as he did Ruby...
 ...Lick him
I guess he likes the taste of fresh baby skin!??

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kason meets Ruby

My brother and his wife Jess welcomed their new little GIRL Ruby Jean at the end of June.  We are very happy and excited for their new little fam.  They kept the baby's sex a surprise to EVERYONE (including themselves) so that was pretty fun!  Props to them, don't know if I could do that.  She is so cute and tiny and perfect.  Kason now has a girl cousin on each side, he is a bit out numbered.  When we laid Ruby next to him this is what he did...
 and LICKED her...repeatedly (until we physically moved her) It was pretty funny.  Each time Kase saw her for the rest of the weekend he would give her a little lick on the side of head? I think he likes her!


I LOVE THE FOURTH! We were excited to continue with our tradition of spending the holiday in Oakley, Utah with the Brown fam.  We couldn't wait for Kason to see all of the small town festivities that go on to celebrate this day: Parade, Patriotic Program, BBQ, and of course the famous OAKLEY RODEO!  Kase loved all the action around him!

It feels like we were JUST at the parade last year.  I was about 7.5 months pregnant, and now my baby is almost ONE!

 This is his new strait face smile he likes to pull
 Handsome boys
Hanging out like a big boy
 With Grandma and Grandpa Brown (we missed the rest of the fam this year as Cam, Jord, London and Taiya are in MIchigan.  Hopefully next year.)
 Aunt Celsey
 Taking in the Rodeo...

 Next year he's going to need the whole cowboy getup.  I figure if he's almost two I can bribe him to wear a cowboy hat, right?
He was a dancing fool, beboppin' around to the music!

Pool Time

This kid LOVES the pool especially the zero entry up at my parent's, so he can just crawl around like a big shot! : )
 He did this for about 2 hours strait.  Roll the bawl...crawl to the ball...try to eat the ball (and any bug around the pool)
Swimming with the Uncles!
 He sure is deprived of attention...