Tuesday, February 24, 2009


After about a month of weighing out the two options- University of Pittsburgh or University of Kansas, we have come to our decision. It is funny how things work out. About a week ago we were about 90% sure on Pittsburgh- then one night after Josh was doing some more research he said, " I just feel like we should go to Kansas...then I can become a storm chaser." I was very surprised by this statement because Josh was secretly rooting for Pitt all along. So KU it is!(Okay, I lied about the storm chaser part...but just picture it for a second! ha ha)

I will be starting my MSW ( Masters of Social Work) the first week of June. The program is a year so I will finish June 2010 and Josh plans to do his MBA fall 2010. It is a little bittersweet...it will be hard to be further from our families, and leave our little life in Logan, but we know it will be a great experience for us. Thanks again for all of the support we have gotten in making our decision especially from our families.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines was full of love... I had to work in the morning, but it was fun to be with the girls for the morning. On Saturdays at work we arrive an hour before the girls wake up. Usually they get up and whoever is cook for the day starts breakfast with a staff. Kristy and I decided it would be fun to have them wake with breakfast on the table. So we made them breakfast and put roses on the table, I placed their valentine on their plate. The girls were So grateful when they came down for breakfast, some of them were on the verge of tears- it was cute! Acts of love are the BEST part of Valentines day!

I got home and Josh had spent the afternoon making these preparations... He is always so thoughtful. I loved how he got flowers at Sam's Club and got ribbon to tie around a vase we had! We went out to eat for the first time on Cupid's Holiday...in the past we have always gotten take outs to avoid all the craziness. If anyone has not tried the orange coconut salmon at Iron Gate Grill in Logan- you are missing out! I am so grateful for Josh and all he does for me. I am blessed to have such an amazing husband who puts up with me at my worst. The best part is I get to spend the rest of FOREVER with him. Thanks for all you do for me Josh...Love you long time! xoxox

Made with love

Not only did I use my sewing machine for one project this week, but for two! My mother in law got the cutest idea from her friend to make these Valentine packages. This project took a couple of nights but it was so much fun. Cheryl and I had lots of laughs on this project......

The project is pretty easy...
1. Take some vinyl from your local fabric store- even WalMart has it.
2. You get your Valentine and Treats (small candy bars, small toys or trinkets, etc.).
3. You sew off three sides we used a zig-zag stitch with red thread.
4. Then you slide in your goodies and sew off sections.

The valentine has the address on it so you can actually take it to the post office as is and they will mail your package of love off...My family especially the boys were excited to get their package of love!

I modified this project a little to do some Valentines for the girls at the residential treatment center I work at. Although I did not make these ones to be eaten, they turned out pretty cute. I just paired their valentines with a pink rice crispy treat. One of the girls said, "Thanks Jess... I did not know you were so crafty?" (really I am not) Thanks Cheryl for your help on the Valentines it was so much fun craftin' it up together is one of my new favorite past times! : )

3 down 14 to go...

Sew proud of myself!

Well I finally busted out the sewing machine we got for a wedding present. The gift Josh said I would NEVER use...well it only took me 2 1/2 years, but I sure put it to use this week. I decided I was sick if ruining my jeans when they are about an inch too long for me. Plus it is real annoying in the winter when the bottom of your pants get wet...one of my pet peeves- (One of Josh's too, just ask him about the worm stuck to the bottom of his jeans one Spring day on campus) So my first project for the week... I hemmed some of my pants all by my self! I thought I did a pretty decent job. Thanks to my mother in law Cheryl who refreshed me on threading the sewing machine, it did not take too long. I was so excited to show Josh I had put my machine to good use! Plus I saved 50 bucks, the dry cleaner charges $10 a pair, it just took me about 3 hours!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kansas or Pittsburgh?!

University of Kansas?
University of Pittsburgh?

So Josh and I have a big decision to make...Do we want to live in Kansas or Pittsburgh?? I got accepted to graduate school at University of Kansas and University of Pittsburgh. I will be getting my Masters in Social Work. Both schools have really good social work programs... "It's kinda like picking between apples and apples," as my former professor put it when asking his advice. Even though both places are far away (from home) we are excited for what the next couple years has to offer. I am especially grateful at this time for all the people in my life who have supported me in getting to this point!! I am so thankful I have a supportive husband who knows this is important to me, and stuck by my in my stress of applying for grad school- thanks babe. So seriously if anyone has input especially if you have visited BOTH places I would love to hear it!