Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We are doing our best to take advantage of all the holiday festivities around us...We went to go see Santa at the mall.  Kase had mixed emotions.  At first (from afar) he was waving, smiling and blowing kisses.  However, come time to take a seat on old Santa's lap, he was not having it!  I can't say I blame him (pictures say a 1000 words in this case)! Maybe next year Kason and Santa will have more of a LOVE/LOVE relationship instead of a LOVE/HATE!

Running away from Santa
We thought we would try it with Mama, still hating it! (Yes, I did think it was funny!)
 I turned 27!  Hard to believe another year has flown by. Getting slowly closer to 30. Josh had a VERY early Sunday meeting and got up before he left to decorate.
My boys made me breakfast (Well mostly Josh) A yummy veggie Omelet.  Josh also made/planned our Sunday dinner with his fam.  Grateful for his thoughtfulness! 
 It was a pretty low key day.  The best part about a Sunday birthday is I got to spend ALL DAY with my two favorite boys.  Doesn't get much better than this sweet face and belly laughs from throwing streamers!
 So excited.  I love how much he enjoys the simplest things in life.  Kason teaches me more than he will ever know.
 Very grateful to all  my friends and family (NEAR and FAR) who spoiled me and made my birthday such a special day.  I feel very lucky to have so much love in my life! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December begins...

 My absolute favorite way to kick off the holiday season is with the Brown Family SLC weekend tradition.  We have been doing this tradition for  about 4 or 5 years now.  I look for ward to it every single year!  The first weekend of December we do an overnight in Salt Lake to partake in the holiday festivities.  This year we switched it up a little and went to the Zoo Lights and City Creek, instead of our usual visit to the Festival of Trees. Thanks so much Jeff and Cheryl for such a fun family tradition!  Bring on Christmas!
Zoo Lights!
There were not a ton of animals showing their faces at zoo lights, but Kase still loved it.  The animals he could see he got excited about and, he loved all the bright moving lights.
Cousin Carousel Ride
At the fair this summer, we had Kase go on his first carousel ride.  Not a fan.  I went on it with him since he was still little.  It scared him and he was trying to crawl up me acting a little freaked out.  This time he started out unsure (and pretty much stayed that way) with a look on his face like..."what's going on?" as he moved up down and around.
 Looking for the animals with Uncle Jord.  Kason is quite fond of his uncle Jordan.  We are lucky to have most of Josh's fam close by so that Kason gets to spend lots of time with his aunts, uncles and cousin London.
 Christmas at City Creek
I loved all the lights and Christmas decor at City Creek!  Kason let the Christmas Elf hold him...for a moment.  Then he gave her the stiff arm, like he does to pretty much everyone who limits his independence of walking! :) Yes my baby boy is becoming a toddler and it is a little sad!
Sunday Brunch at Little America! YUM!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Taking on this trial with stride and holding her head high!

Truly an inspiration