Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lovin Lazy Sundays!

Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week! While going to grad school I am especially grateful for this wonderful day of rest! It is my one day in the week when I don't have to go to school, clean, go to my internship, rush to the gym, cook dinner, and I am even successful at giving myself a break from homework and studying (most of the time)! I don't even need a TO DO list when all I get to do is go to church, spend time with fam and my hubby and RELAX! This pics perfectly capture what you will see on a Sunday afternoon...

Snuggling with Walker...

Sweet baby boy!

Someone made cookies...again! : )

Tara and Zach also blessed their baby boy this Sunday, notice his adorable suspenders!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Hot Mama!

My mom has many great qualities that I so admire! She has such a passion for living life to the fullest. I love that my mom is always looking to make her life more fun and exciting and usually serving others while she does it! Mom is an avid skier... She goes up to Bogus at least twice a week. We have always skied as a family on Saturdays, but my mom also goes on Wednesdays for VertiGals. At the end of the ski season the VertiGals always have a "Prom" for a fundraiser. I was fortunate enough to participate a few years ago...the year my mom was crowned Prom Queen in her sexy red wig. This year she has gone blond, still lookin' pretty hot!

Click on the link to see the action this prom made it on the news!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy GREEN day!

Tyler's favorite color is GREEN... Tyler has had a pretty big obsession with the color ever since he decided it was his fav. He wants his GREEN cup when he needs a drink, wants to wear his sweet GREEN shoes from grandma, and wants the GREEN candy in a bag of assorted colors! I watched the boys this morning, and it wasn't too hard to get Tyler dressed when I told him it was GREEN day!!

Tyler rockin' his GREEN shoes!

I just LOVE these boys!

I had to capture this moment as Josh read to the boys last night! Too cute! They like him even more than me I think! : )

Monday, March 15, 2010

Babies, babies, and MORE babies!

All of our close friends are having babies!!! Honestly it is making me a little baby hungry (Josh would probably say A LOT baby hungry!) I am getting anxious to finish school then we can start thinking about adding to our little fam.We are so happy for all of our friends and their new arrivals!

This is Walker, who was born on February 8th. He belongs to Tara (my cousin) and Zach Anderson. I am lucky enough to live 5 minutes from this little guy! Nothing quite like a snuggly little newborn. I just love him!

Little Sienna was also born on February 8th. This beautiful baby girl belongs to our good friends Jake and Robyn Kuresa. Josh and Jake have been friends since they were in diapers! Jake and Robyn were actually with us the night that Josh proposed to me...Can't wait to meet Sienna!!

Great things come in 2! These adorable twins were born on February 16th. Thier names are Coen and Crew (in that order). Mommy and Daddy are Megan and Nick Trujillo. Megan was my college roomie. They live too far away in Las Vegas! Nick is gong to med school...I think Megs is amazing to be blessed with TWO boys!

This is Camden Brown, also born on the same day as the twins! He belongs to Kyle and Kelli. He is SO stinking cute! He is a great mix of mom and dad. We met Ky and Kel when we went to Seattle for the summer to sell. We were inseparable when we met! Our great friendship was for sure the best thing that came from our selling experience! Cam your adopted auntie will be there soon to meet you- and you will LOVE me! : )

Little Ava was born last week as well. Ava is baby number 2 for Chase and Carolyn Cutler. Chase is one of Josh's good buddies from high school. We miss being close to them in Logan! Hope to see you guys over the summer!

And last but not least...this is Sarah! Sarah and Greg Newman are expecting their baby girl in about 2 weeks! Sar, Megs (above) and I were all roomies at USU... I will post pics when this little sweetie arrives! Excited to see her in May when I go visit Utah! Good luck Sar, she will be here soon!

So...7 babies in a matter of 6 weeks or so! What an exciting time for these families. We wish we were closer to all of you.

Also, thanks for letting me steal your pics for this post. I had to show off your babies since we don't have our own yet!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Go Jayhawks!!

Josh and I were lucky enough to see 2 of the conference tourney games on Friday night! We went with my Uncle Bob and my cousin's husband Brandon. We saw Texas A&M play KU and then we stayed to watch K- State play Balor. Both games were actually really good games. It is pretty fun living in Kansas with the # 1 seed B Ball team. Although, makes it pretty hard to get tickets!! Now I can call myself a true Jayhawk... Thanks again for the great tix Bob!

The Boys...Look how happy they are!

Josh was in heaven with this delightful dog....it was HUGE!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Already? Seriously?

I cannot believe that it is MARCH!! It has almost been a year since I came to Kansas for the first time to find us an apartment and go to my grad school orientation. That was last April. Now I am just a couple months away from graduation. It feels good to know I will NEVER go back to school again! My graduate program really has been a great experience and I am so happy I did it, but I am ready to be done with school.

So the time comes once again to ask...what next? WHERE next may be more fitting! Josh would like to get his MBA, so we are trying to figure out our next move...literally! My prediction at this point is that we will be in the great state of Kansas a bit longer. Josh is considering the part time business program at KU. However, no decision has been officially made (hint hint Josh). So I guess it is time for us to get our act together and start making a plan!