Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It is quite entertaining the moves this kid pulls during his naps or nighttime slumbers! He always seems to move around more when he is not in his own crib. He started this nap at the other end of the pack n play laying vertical not horizontal.

This kid is such a good sleeper I could care less how he sleeps!

We got to go visit Sar and Greg and their adorable girls recently! Hallie was just about a week old. Kam is such a sweet big sis. Little Miss Hallie made Kason look like a big boy.

Kason LOVES to eat...He occasionally has a slight panic attack when his food is gone.

Another recent first...Kason is able to sit in shopping carts and in high chairs at restaurants. Now that he can sit in the high chairs at restaurants, we have a little guy who wants to grab and eat whatever is in his line of sight, as well as beg for the food we are eating.

Love that he loves to snuggle!

Sitting up like a BIG BOY!

Working on his "crawling moves," aka plank holds. These plank holds turn into nose dives as he lunges himself forward in an effort to move toward his designated target! My baby is going to be crawling soon; not quite sure if I'm ready for it.

This is what he is obviously working toward!

Seven Months

Our little Kase man turned 7 months! I am pretty sure each post I say how fast the time goes...well is really does fly by! I would still say Kason is pretty small, but between months 6 and 7 I have seen some more chub on him...and I LOVE IT! He needs to get all squishy and rolly polly before swimsuit season, seriously! (side thought: why is it the opposite for adults, ugh!)

Some of my favorite things over the last month have been:
  • Kason getting some more chub (as mentioned above)
  • His constant noises and babbling (he says "dada" all the time) of course doesn't know what he is saying yet. But Josh loves to ask him who his favorite person is, usually getting "dada" in response
  • He is trying all sorts of new foods and loves to eat
  • Kason usually plays, chats, rolls around in his crib for about 15-20 minutes after his nap
  • He continues to happily sit in his car seat at crossfit everyday so I can workout
  • His attempts to crawl, which usually look more like a bear crawl or a plank hold (a work in progress)
  • The sounds he makes when he is dead asleep
  • He still loves to cuddle
  • He grabs everything in sight, especially faces, hair and jewelry
  • He has become much more stable sitting up but still has his occasional bumps and falls