Monday, March 7, 2011





Well, we caved and decided way last minute that we would go down to Salt Lake to Fetal Foto, and find out a little early what the bayba was... boy or girl? You can never have enough time to be prepared right? So this just gives us a few extra weeks of preparation before our sweet baby boy comes into our lives.

Josh has been referring to the baby as a boy all along and I have been pretty neutral. Although, we have both been calling the baby "Marshall" from day one (no we would never consider naming him that, but it's funny to have an amusing name while we wait). So now instead of Josh having to worry about me accessorizing a baby girl in ruffles, bows, and fancy shoes...I have to worry about him spending money on tiny Jordans, anything Nike, and mini Josh outfits. We are so excited to be parents and feel so blessed at this time in our lives!

After we found out it was a boy, we did a little shopping. Josh made the comment, "Shopping for baby clothes is way better than shopping for other stuff." Glad he enjoys it as much (maybe more) than me... this could be dangerous!