Monday, December 7, 2009

The Royal Treatment!

Josh and I were fortunate to not only get tickets for the Chiefs game, but we also got to watch it from a Suite! Thanks to my wonderful Uncle Bob, we could not have had better seats or treatment! It was my first NFL game! Maybe it was a mistake experience my first game that way, now I have such high expectations...ha ha... Even though it was a bit of a blowout against the Denver Broncos, how could we complain!? We got a nice lunch, a warm place to watch the game and all the hot chocolate we wanted in our little suite. Although, half the fun was also seeing the CRAZY pregame fans!! Thanks again Bob!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nothing is HOTTER than 90's Maternity

Sonja, Tara, Kenzi (my aunt and cousins) and I had quite the laugh last night!!! Kenzi was in search of some old collectibles in the storage room...I think what we found was better! Stirrups...denim jumpers...and shoulder pads is what we found...Sonja's maternity clothes from the early 90's. Keep in mind that none of these clothes are bigger than a SMALL. They made tents for women who were prego back in the day. Comfort was no issue, there is plenty of room for two...or three in these threads. We know Sonja you were probably the most stylish hot pregnant mama when you wore these! Just to clarify, for any of you who have not seen me in several months... I am NOT pregnant, although that should be pretty obvious with my makeshift "baby!"

I think this is Michelle Duggar's same dress!

Tara is modeling the floral tent...
No these are not PJs, this is really an outfit!