Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday Boy!!

Still Cannot believe my baby boy is a year old.  It is hard to put into words how much love I have for little Kase man!  This past year flew by, and I know the time will continue to quickly pass.  I feel so  blessed for the opportunity to be a mother and to have the experiences I have had in the last year with my little family.  Through the happy times, the difficult trying times, and the exciting times, and many "firsts"...We have learned and grown so much as a family in the past year.  I am incredibly grateful to all of our family and friends who have shared the last year's experiences with us as well.

We decided to do a simple party/BBQ with our families for Kason's first birthday.  It was great to have everyone here who could come. A BIG thank you again to Grandma and Grandpa Brown for sharing their beautiful back yard with us for the party.
Helping Grandma make frosting!
Hard to believe you are actually ONE Kason!

He was not loving his party hat!
 Papa and Uncle Clay
 Feasting on some homemade Mac n Cheese!

Ready to attack those cupcakes!
Numero 1

Friday, August 10, 2012


Kason is way too close to being one!  This little man is so much fun!  During month 11 these are the things I want to remember about my baby boy!

  • He all the sudden wanted to be totally independent with eating.  Not a fan of being spoon fed right now.  However, if I cut almost any food up and put it on his try he will eat it.
  • LOVES: Mac n Cheese, asparagus, green beans, and chicken breast.
  • Prefers "salty" foods to "sweet" foods.
  • Still has ZERO teeth.  I would be concerned, but Josh was 17 months before he got teeth.
  • Bath time is his favorite, I think he would play in the bath all day long if I let him.
  • Enjoys going to the pool and "jumping off the side" (sits and leans forward into the water) and going under.
  • Likes reading with Daddy.
  • Gets pretty excited about animals.
  • Will pull himself up on anything and walk himself around furniture, but does not seem to have a desire to walk on his own.
  • Does a "bear crawl" to get where he wants to go.
  • Still goes with me to crossfit and sits in his infant seat content and happy.  Loves watching all the action around him and the loud music. 
  • Gives a salute instead of a wave lately.
  • Likes to go on walks.
  • Does not like to sleep with covers on.
  • Licks everything.
  • We had to childproof the house this month.
  • He likes to press the garage button and watch it open and close, he gets this smile like he is so proud of himself.
  • Learned how to play peek-a-boo; hides around the side of the stairs and peeks around waiting for us to say, "peek-a-boo."  He also plays it by covering his face with taggy and pulling it down.
As much as I hate to see the time pass so quickly, Kason gets more fun all the time!

A small slice of Heaven

 One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE places to go is McCall, Idaho.  When I was little we would spend 80% of our summers in McCall on the lake.  Josh and I went to McCall for the day on a whim when we were dating.  Sad to say, but I haven't been back since! Unfortunately, it had been SEVEN years since my last visit to McCall- much too long!!  Kason and I were in Boise and my Mom made some quick arrangements so that we could go enjoy the lake for a few days.  It was wonderful!  Only Mom, Brog, Clay, Kase and I were able to be up there the whole time.  Luckily, Blake and Hayden came up to join us one of the days.  We had such a good time at the pool and lake!
 Rex, my Aunt Heidi's dog.  Kason surprisingly liked Rex (and his dog food) , although in this pic he had apparently had enough of his slobbery kisses!
Playing in the sand!
 Poolside drinks for little man
Kason's first time on a jetski, not his favorite.  We went on a quick loop in the  "No wake zone," that was enough for Kase.  I think the sound of the motor scared him.
Kason just finished enjoying half of Grandma's cookie that he ripped out of her hand before she could even stop him! 

Now we need to get back to McCall SOON with Daddy!

Thursday, August 2, 2012


...or should I say BIRD HABITAT.  I am sorry, but I really think the Willow Park Zoo is pretty sad/lame (I know that sounds like a really bad attitude, but I think most anyone who's witnessed it would agree).  It is much more like a bird habitat.  90% of the animals are birds.  No elephants. No zebras. No tigers. No lions.  You get the picture.  However, it was Kason's first zoo experience.  He enjoyed it and got excited about the animals he could actually see.  I guess when we get to a decent zoo, it will knock his socks off!
 Gazing at some more birds!
 Tongue out again (this is how Kase smiles half the time)
 Not quite sure what he thinks of the swing...