Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top Ten

Ten things I LOVE about Kansas

10. Crazy exciting storms
9. MANY shades of luscious green
8. Variety (shopping/restaurants)
7. Diversity!
6. Life Time Fitness (gym)
5. Royals. Chiefs. Jayhawks.
4. KU/Masters Program
3. Great ward
2. Walkers. Hardys. Andersons. (My Fam!)
1. Adding another adventure to our life

Monday, April 26, 2010

Deanna Rose Farmstead

Last week I went with Kenz, Tar, my friend Gayle, and the boys to Deanna Rose. This place is SO cool for kids. Admission is free during the week and still only $2 on the weekend. They have all sorts of fun stuff for the kiddos. There's farm animals, milking, petting pens, play grounds, fishing, feeding the animals....the list goes on. Some of the activities you pay extra for, but if you want to spend nothing at all there is plenty to do! I loved that everything was very clean..even animals looked freshly bathed!


Josh and I have a new favorite treat! We LOVE this popcorn! You can buy it at most grocery stores. I love this treat even more cause its low in calories; 2 cups is only 130 cals. We like the kettlecorn flavor best, but the cinnamon and sugar is pretty good too.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Guess he got bored...

Easter Fun

On Easter's Eve we did some egg dying with the boys. They were excited about this new experience. Tyler loved trying out all the different colors...especially GREEN! Josh taught the boys to color on the eggs before dying them to make their own designs.

How can you not love these kids?? They are so stinking adorable!

And Gav found the stickers...

On Easters the boys were on a candy high! Gav had learned how to say candy as well as many other words, but all we heard that that day was "candy? candy?"

Gav asking to see the goods in his egg! : )