Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LAST things in KS

I cannot believe we are already leaving Kansas. We have really come to love this area, especially with my family living so close. I em excited about the opportunity of my new job and being closer to our parents, but as the LASTS are approaching I am getting sad to leave...

  • Last night was out LAST time we stayed in our apartment
  • Tomorrow is the LAST time I get to go to my fav class at the gym (Cardio Kickbox)
  • We ate our LAST meal on the floor of our empty apartment (thanks Pei Wei for cooking)
  • Tomorrow if the LAST day to hang with the Fam!! ( watching Ty and Gav tomorrow!)
  • My LAST Sunday in KS was two weeks ago (We love our ward here)

These are some of the main ones that come to mind. With all of these LASTS I know there are plenty of FIRSTS ahead of me. Even though I am very sad to leave my fam and our temporary home in Kansas, I know the move to Logan is the best decision for us without a doubt. I am anxious to see what FIRSTS we get to experience as we embark on our new adventure.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elder Richards

(Clay and Corb are missing from our pic...they are the righteous ones who went to class)

I did not have to spend very much time away from my parents... four days after they left Kansas, I was on my way to Boise for Hayden's farewell. When this trip was planned... we were not moving. So I will be flying home Tuesday and we will be moving on Friday! I am so grateful to have had this time to be with my fam and Haydo before he heads off to Guatemala.

Hayden will do so great on his mission! He gave an awesome talk today and was his usual charismatic charming self! I love you buddy and I know you will do great things!

Master Brown

Hard to believe it, but my masters program has officially come to an end! (WOO HOO) Back in April of 2009 I went to my orientation for grad school. I remember calling Josh on a break and freaking out saying, "I cannot do this!!" The thought of writing papers, researching, and having a full time relationship with text books again was enough to make me reconsider! I had a paper due before I even started! He calmly said, "Yes you can do it and you will..."

Orientation 2009 (freaking out inside)

A year later! May 16, 2010 and so happy to be done! I am grateful to Josh for being so incredibly supportive throughout my masters program...For all the hours of overtime he worked, for the many times he brought me back to earth when I started to stress, for being motivating after a hard day!! Thanks for all this and so much more! Couldn't have done it without you babe!

The rest of my family has also been so supportive! My parents and Josh's parents (and Cels!!) were able to come out for graduation and I am grateful for their support to the very end as well! I am so blessed.

We got to explore the city a bit more with our parents here, which was really fun...

Our FUN week consisted of... Crown Center. The Plaza. Dress shopping with mom. Yummy Food. Church History Sites. More shopping. More eating. Worlds of Fun Amusement park. Pedicures. Sharing the place we have come to love! We got spoiled getting to spend this extra time with our family! Thanks so much for coming out and being with us for graduation week!

At the Allen Field house before graduation.

Before Graduation we had a little time to go to Allen Field House.

The grad and the fam

My great friend Gayle! Love her!

After graduation my wonderful Auntie and Uncle were nice enough to host the BBQ at their house. Bob's back yard is looking PERFECT like usual! : )

Sunday, May 9, 2010

HaPpY MoThErS DaY!! XoXo

Mothers are amazing! I was blessed with an amazing mother who has taught me and still teaches me some of the most important lessons for my life. She teaches by both by word and example. She is such a hard worker and has always taught me I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. There are not words to express the appreciation and admiration I have for her! When I become a mother I know those feelings will only be stronger. Only then will I really understand all the hard loving work that goes into being a mom. My mom is not a perfect mom, but she is a fun mom, a strong mom, a courageous mom, an adventurous mom, a generous mom, a loving mom, a funny mom, a thoughtful mom, a gospel living mom, and a faithful mom, ( I could keep going!)...the kind of mother I aspire to be one day!

Love you Mama!

Then when I got married not only did I get a wonderful husband, but I also got the IDEAL Mother-in-Law. They do exist and Cheryl is proof! Some people refer to their In-Laws as "Out-Laws," among many other names...well not me! I would claim Cheryl any day!! There are so many great qualities I see in Josh that I know he was taught my his mom who possesses the same qualities; patience, kindness, generosity, selflessness...just to name a few! One of my favorite things to do with Cheryl is just LAUGH. Laugh so hard your sides hurt and you have to gasp for breath! This morning Josh woke up and was humming the primary song "Mother I Love You." So I know he was thinking of his great mom on this day.

Love you my adopted mother!

When we decided we would be moving to Kansas I was very happy to know we would have family close by; my Auntie Sonja and her family. Auntie Sonja has been like a mother to us in Kansas! Josh and I REALLY do like Kansas and I know 90% of the reason has a little something to do with being close to my aunt and her family. It is such a good feeling to know if I am having a hard day I can just pop in and see my aunt! I am truly grateful for the relationship I have with Sonja, she is an amazing woman!! She jokes that we don't know how much we will miss Kansas....I know it will be tough! Don't you fret though you can't keep us away for too long. We will be back for visits!

I love you and appreciate ALL you do for us Auntie! xoxo