Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hike to the Wind Caves

I sure missed the mountains while in Kansas. I could not wait to go hiking. We finally got a chance to go early this morning. The canyon is so pretty right now and still so green. We saw a moose below the trail we were on. Honestly I was a little freaked out. I swear I heard not that long ago someone died from being attacked by a moose. I kept asking Josh if he was nervous...thanks for saying you were not, or I really would have freaked!

I dunno may be his face says he was still worried about that moose!


A couple weeks ago we me up with our friends Sara, Greg, Megan and Nick for dinner. Sar and Megs were my roomies in college...and I love them to death. Even better our husbands get along great! Sarah just had a baby girl in March and Megan had the twin boys in February. Since we all live in different places, getting together is not always easy. We had a good time catching up; plus I got a good baby fix. I think the restaurant was about to kick us out...

Coen, Kamryn and Crew!


Life has been a little busy! (hence the lack of blogging) We were in Boise last weekend for a wedding and my parent's neighbor Jen's baby shower. My mom had the shower for baby boy Maddix! He is SO cute.

One night Brog was refusing to go to bed until Josh and I did (this was at about 10). Two hours later...on our way upstairs to bed this is where we found the little stinker!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Change is not easy...

Life is good...but Kansas I miss you.