Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rough Life!

....guess it was a rough day for Kason! : )

Kason's First Aggie Game!

We took Kase to his first USU game this weekend. He was such a good boy and slept through the majority of the game; yes even through the cannon explosions and the cheering. He did manage to crack his eyes open for a view of some of the action that was going on around him. It was the perfect night to be out at a football game... We got to go with Grandma and Grandpa Brown, which was so fun! Too bad USU blew it at the end.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Month Old

I cannot believe Kason is a month old today. Time is going so fast and he is getting a bit bigger everyday...

  • Kason is sleeping great, since the day he come home from the hospital he only wakes up once in the night.
  • Kason also spends much of his day time sleeping, he is like a little cat.
  • He loves his stroller time and once again that usually puts him to sleep.
  • I love to watch his facial expressions and could stare at him all day long.
  • He has met many of the people who love him in his first month of life.
  • He has a new sound he makes when he is trying to fight falling asleep. He makes grunting noises as he attempts to bust out of his swaddling ca coon; after a couple minutes of the grunting I know he will shortly be passed out (not literally).
  • When Kason is awake he typically seems curious and scans the room with his bright eyes, very content.
  • We have figured out that kason HATES poopy diapers more than anything. I hope that will later be a great incentive for him to get potty trained!
  • Most of all I love being a mother more and more everyday and feel so blessed to have this sweet baby boy in our lives!

Kase Gets Visitors!

This week Kase and I had some visitors from Boise. Josh was actually out of town Monday-Thursday and Juli was first to arrive of the girls on Wednesday. It was great to have some extra company while Josh was gone. Then on Friday Cass and Ali came. We had some lazy days hanging out with the little man Kason, some late nights, and good laughs! Thanks so much for coming girls, it was so great to have you here!

Walk in the Canyon

Just hanging out!
Kason has no lack of love in his life! : )

Out to dinner with the girls...Kase home with Daddy. The longest I have been away from Kase. I did survive and it was good for the boys (daddy and Kase) to have some time together!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


We took our first Road Trip with Kason to Boise for Labor Day weekend. He did great on the drive, slept pretty much the whole time. We did make one stop each way for him to eat, then he was right back to sleep. Kason finally got to meet all of his Richards Uncles (except Hayden, he will see him in May 2012). He also got to meet Great Grams and Gramps Richards. The day before we went to Boise Great Grandma and Grandpa Bolinder also stopped by on their way to Cedar Hills. It was great to spend time with family and friends while were were in Boise and very hard to leave Oma and Papa when we left!

Taking a Sunday nap with Papa
Walking in Hidden Springs
Kason (and Mommy) LOVE the BOB stroller from Oma and Papa
First REAL bath, he couldn't have been more content!

4 Generations

Great Grams and Gramps Richards

Loves from Oma
Jennifer and Maddix visiting Kase
The Uncles
Please notice the cape Brogan made from Kason's blanket...

This is the outfit Blake came home from the hospital in almost 24 years ago!
Great Grandma and Grandpa Bolinder come to visit

New Born Pics

We got Kason's newborn pics back and I cannot believe how much bigger he already looks. His pictures were taken when he was 6 days old...enjoy!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Sleepy Boy is Growing!

Kason sleeps TONS. Which is great for mom. He is such a good baby. The only time he ever starts to cry is when he's got a diaper that needs changed. He spends most of his day relaxing and snoozing, as you can see in the pictures below...

When Kase is not swaddled up tight those arms are usually up past his head or at least tucked up to his little chest. So CUTE!

Kason had his 2 week appointment today and his sleeping/eating is helping him grow. Here's his stats for the check-up:

6 lb 10 oz (birth weight 6 lb 3 oz)
20 inches (19.5 inches at birth)

The doctor said that all looks great. I am glad that he's growing healthy and strong like he should...However, secretly I am glad he is still under 7 lbs. I want to savor every moment of Kason being a little and snuggly, cause it is not going to last long...

Kansas Cousins!

My cousins from Kansas came to visit this week! It was so great to see them. Tara an Zach came with their little guy Walker (18 mo.) on Tuesday. I neglected to get pics so I am counting on Tara to send me some pics. Then on Wednesday Kenzi, Brandon, Tyler (5) and Gavin (3) came to see us. We sure miss being just 5 minutes away from all these guys. (As well as my Aunt and Uncle Walker of course, wish we could have seen them too)

Ty anGav

We gave Kenz and Brandon a short tour of Logan, USU Campus and Logan Canyon/2nd Dam.