Thursday, April 26, 2012

six month pix

(this post is a little blog was having some technical difficulties)

I had not thought much about getting pictures taken of Kason at 6 months. My Mom asked me if I was going to have them done...Once she put that little plug in my head I thought I better get some pics of my quickly growing boy. I am so glad I did. The day Kase got his pictures done it was a bit windy and he was very curious about all of his surroundings. With all that was going on around him he wasn't nearly as smiley as he usually is. He turned into Mr. Serious. The pictures turned out great and I am so glad I had them done, especially all his little baby features before he grows up too fast!





 We spent Easter with my family in Boise. It was good to see everyone. We had our annual Easter brunch at the Country Club with Grams and Gramps after church. It was a beautiful day. I loved Kason in is "little man" Easter outfit that Grammy Richards got for him!


e.i.g.h.t. m.o.n.t.h.s
Feels like I just posted about Kase turning seven months. I love this kid more every single day. Just when I think it isn't possible to love my baby boy any more...I DO.

I know I am biased as his mother that I think her is adorable, but I think what makes him even cuter is his little mellow, chill, content, quirky personality. I just love spending time with him. I love the one on one time I have with him. Which is why I always say I would like to have a bigger gap between baby 1 and baby two. In a selfish way I want to take full advantage of having and "only child" for a little while...

Over the last month Kase started to crawl. He's still a bit rusty but I am sure her will get it perfected soon enough and be crawling all over the place! My mom put a perfect description to the video I sent to her... "He looks like a baby lamb trying to figure out his legs for the first time." That is pretty much spot on.

He continues to get more of a personality all the time and is always making us laugh with all his silly facial expressions. He thinks it is hilarious to get scared and is sooooo ticklish. He becomes more curious all the time, and I am sure this is just the beginning as he starts to crawl more I am sure he will be into everything!