Monday, May 13, 2013

A personality all his own...

It has been so fun as a mom to see Kason's little personality from day one.  Kason is pretty cautious much of the time and very curious.  He loves to run around, play ball, look for bugs and smash them, he is obsessed with animals, loves to read, is almost always happy (unless he's not feeling well), doesn't have much fear of strangers, and pulls some great facial expressions...these are some of the things that describe my little man. 

I am pretty sure he does not like the feeling of being "out of control." Doesn't like the swinging at the park AT ALL. Slides are Okay. Also discovered, elevators freak him out a little (unless he's in someones arms, then it's hilarious!?)

A couple weeks ago, Josh was in SLC for work.  So I met up with one of my besties, Sar.  Well we decided we would take the Kiddos to Jungle Jim's. BAD IDEA. I figured Kase would like it, cause he likes the little quarter rides at the mall. This was a step up from the quarter rides. Mom was wrong.  Carousel, clung to me like a spider monkey; Moving jeeps, "No, No, No," shaking his head; sitting on a non-moving quarter ride, finally had some success there! But his favorite thing to do was to climb up the basket ball game, steal the balls and put them in the Skee ball slots. Yes, I let him do it. No shame.

So I guess he is not claustrophobic.  All in all it was a great day.  Happy I could spend time with Sar and her cute girls!
 This brave girl was all about going on the rides (the big ones) by herself!
Little cuties on a tiny boat!
 One determined boy!

Teaching Kam to be naughty!
Wiped out from too much fun!  
  How you get a toddler, suitcase, and a pack and play from the 3rd floor to the car in ONE trip!