Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kason's First Christmas

Well we had our first Christmas as a family of three! I was so much more excited to open Kason's presents than my own, funny how things change when you become a mom. It was no surprise at all that Kason slept through all of Christmas morning. As soon as we got into the car to go to Grandma and Grandpa Brown's he was out, and did not wake up until all the gifts had been opened. It was a great day spent with the family. Next year I think Kason will be a little more excited about Christmas...well at least about the boxes, bows and wrapping paper if we are being realistic. We are so grateful to both our families who made Kason's first Christmas so great.

I kept telling Josh all I wanted for Christmas was to be able to be home with Kase. Going from two incomes to one plus our new little addition, we knew we needed to have a small Christmas. By doing this I felt like it really helped me keep the true meaning of Christmas in check. I felt more aware of the "magic" of the season instead of worrying about a lengthy Christmas list or stressing over what gifts I was going to buy Josh. Hard to believe Christmas is over, but I think I can work on being more conscious about keeping the Christmas spirit with me all year round.

First pic of Christmas morning before we left for Grandma and Grandpas

Lo Lo guarding her presents!

Kason not having a care in the world about presents

Look who finally woke up

Cute cousins ready for church

Back in the jammies and playin with his new toy

Month 4

Hard to believe that our baby boy is 4 months old! Little Kase turned 4 months old on the 18th of this month. He is continuing to grow...he had his four month appointment and his weight was 12 lb 13 oz. So almost 13 pounds. Crazy to think that he is over double his birth weight of 6 lb 3 oz. His length was 25 inches. This last month has been so fun as Kason has become even more interactive with his smiles and coos. He is starting to grab at everything and stick anything in his sight strait into his mouth. His preference the last little while is his fingers over his binky. We love the joy he brings into our lives every single day.

...and in go the fingers

Monday, December 19, 2011

Boise Visit

This year we are having Christmas with the Browns' so we took a trip to Boise over the weekend. We planned going to Boise the weekend before Christmas a while ago, and it ended up being good timing to also see the Aggies play in the Potato Bowl.

This was before the Aggies lost the game in the last quarter! : (

Kason and Brock! Go BSU!!

Josh would claim Kason is giving the bird to BSU, he wanted Kason to leave this shirt in Boise!

We had our annual Girls' Christmas Party! This has been a tradition since we were in 7th grade. Not everyone could be there, but it was great to get together!
Candice and Charlotte
Ha ha ha, looks like Kason is making a monkey face and Charlotte pulls out his ear!

Up at Grandpa's with Uncle Eric's fam

Kase and his Uncle Blake

I realized as I was posting about this trip, I was not very good about taking pics! I didn't even get a picture of Kason with his Oma or Papa. But they did give him these cute Christmas Jams!

Birthday with my Boys!

Got to spend the day with baby Kase....
...and have a date night with my other favorite guy. Kason got to have playtime at Grandma and Grandpa Browns while we went to dinner.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Well the holiday season has officially kicked off...and the time is going too fast. Hard to believe it is already mid December. One of my Favorite Christmas traditions takes place on the first weekend of December with the Browns. We do an overnight in Salt Lake City to partake in all the Christmas festivities there...

Festival of Trees!

There was lots for Kason to look at with all the glittering trees...

Lights at SLC temple

Now that is what I call sexy!

Sounds for Sunday Christmas at the Conference Center

Brunch at Little America

I am so grateful for my in-laws and all that they do for us. I love spending time with them, and we always have good laughs and make good memories when we are together. The best part about the holidays is that special family time creating and continuing traditions.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


We had Thanksgiving in Boise this year.  It was the first time that we had Thanksgiving in Boise for quite a while!  With being living in Kansas, Josh and I figured out the last time we had Thanksgiving in Boise was the 2nd year of our marriage! Crazy.  We had a wonderful time with so very much to be grateful for.  This is the season for all of Kason's "FIRSTS" and I love it!

Blake and Jess also announced they are expecting a baby in June!  Kason is going to have a cousin on the the Richards side and we couldn't be happier for them! 
Dad, Mom and Grams
Papa and Kase

Clay, Corb, Blake, Brock and Brog

Uncle Bob (not paying attention) Sharon and Grandpa

I can't get over Kason's expression in this picture it cracks me up!

Baby Kase also turned 3 months right before Thanksgiving.  It is amazing how fast this sweet little boy grows and changes.  Everyday I love him even more.  It is so fun to hear his smiles coos and laughs, he keeps me smiling all day long.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The "H" Word

We don't say the "H" word at our house these days..we just quickly stick it on his head and see how long it will last. Kason is still not too excited about wearing HATS. We are trying to train him to like them. C'mon he's gotta like hats, its about the only accessory you can put on a boy. Plus I just love his little face in hats. In most of the "H" pics he is smiling, but do not be fooled. It is one of the only times he breaks into a panicked cry, as a plea to get it the "H" off his head. Kind of comical really...

We'll keep working on it!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kason's Blessing

Kason was blessed on Sunday. It was a wonderful special day! We are so grateful for the friends and family who were able to come and be with us on Kason's day. We love our little boy more everyday and can't imagine life any different now! Thanks again to all who came.

Looking O so handsome in his blessing outfit!!

4 Generations of Browns

Oma and Papa

Dad and Kase

Grandma and Grandpa Brown

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kason's First Halloween

Hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween, we sure did!! Holidays are much more fun with little ones I have decided. Didn't even have to worry about costumes for Josh n I this year... we will do next year with a BANG to make up for not dressing up this year! I found it very difficult to find a costume small enough for Kason so our "back up" costume was his costume this year!

Do you see a ghost Kase??

Kason and his favorite cousin London!
Hayride with the creepy scarecrows!
My favorite of the two costumes! : )
"....and I'm DONE with this photo shoot you crazy people!"