Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monkey Business

Little Kase man loves his new found independence of walking.  His favorite place to explore/make a mess is the Kitchen.  I always wonder what exactly is going on in his mind and he discovers new things.  It is so fun to see how much more he understands now.  It's bittersweet to see him get older and grow out of "baby" stage.  He is such a fun kid and I am am very grateful that I get to be home with job in the entire world!  When I was with my girlfriends in San Francisco one of them said, "I don't think any of us girls are REALLY living our "dream job..."  I had to pipe in and say, "I AM!!"  Don't get me wrong there are days that are far from perfect or days that I don't shower till after Kason goes to bed (even though I went to the gym at 9 am!!) or am lucky to sit for an entire meal...but I love it!
 Would do this all day long.  The other day he hit a ball around with a strainer for 20 minutes.  Maybe I should get him a bat; probably would still prefer the strainer...
 Like Son...Reading ESPN the Magazine
Playing in his little corner of toys...when we say, "Go find your toys," his eyes shift directly to this area and he takes off to go get his toys.
 Getting in as much outside time as we can before Old Man Winter comes to stay!

October Review

We  have had quite a bit going on this month! (lots of pics)  To start out the month I had a little girls' weekend getaway trip to San Francisco with my girlfriends from Boise.  My friend Cass, clear back from elementary, is getting married!!! What a great excuse for a girls' trip to celebrate the Wed of Cass and Derrick!  Amanda lives in the Marina District of San Fran.  She was the best little hostess and we all had a bed awaiting us at her place.  (not that we got much sleep!)

 We hiked to see a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge

 We went on a sailing excursion.  View of the city.

 Everyone in San Fran just hangs out on the roof tops.  Pretty fun!
 We had the best weather.
 Beautiful Wine Country
 Julz and I took advantage of the steep streets to get our morning workout.  A coffee shop called Jane had the BEST Greens smoothie ever (good enough to pay $9 for)
I had such a great time with my girlfriends. It was a good little break but I was ready to get back to my "Mommy Duties" and get back to my WALKING baby boy!

Kason started to full on walk while I was gone!  Luckily he was taking steps before I left.  Josh told me he would be walking when I got back...and he was.

Just a couple days after getting back we headed to Boise for a few days to visit my fam and see Brog's last football game of the season!

At Uncle Brogan's Game

 GO COUGS!! #33 That's our boy!

 Field Crew

 Great Grandpa Bolinder

Kason LOVED the pumpkins when we went to have lunch with Great Grams and Gramps.

Can never get enough of a sweet sleeping babe.

Grammy Richards winterized Kason while we were there.  He didn't like the idea of dress up before breakfast.  This little pouty face kills me!

Kason you are not looking too much like a baby anymore!

This handsome man turned...29!!!

One more year of 20s it up! : )  I love this picture!  I am so blessed to have these two boys in my life.  Josh's birthday was on a Sunday this year so we went out on Saturday night and celebrated with Josh's fam on Sunday.

Like I said we have had a lot going on this month already and its not quite over...we still have Halloween to look forward to.  Let the Holidays begin!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Flew

Where did the month go?! Is it really October?? WOW.  We had a fun month.  Auntie Julz came to see us at the beginning of the month.  It is always such a treat to have her visit!  My mom also visited this month.  We love it when we get Granny all to ourselves when she comes to Logan!  Kason is working on taking sets of steps instead of just one or two and cruising around with his little walker.  We went to our Aggie game (of the season).  Before the game we hit up the tailgate party with our friends Kirk and Dorthea.  Perfect night for a game!  Kason liked watching the game (and EVERYTHING around him) with his buddy Monroe and Grandma and Grandpa Brown!
 In Park City.  Kason taking a snooze while we shopped!
 Bear Lake

 My happy water babe!

Walking around like he owns the place! (GO KU!!)

That's sexy.  A man with a diaper bag!
 Utah State! Goooo Aggies!

LOVE my brown eyed boys!!!