Monday, May 13, 2013

A personality all his own...

It has been so fun as a mom to see Kason's little personality from day one.  Kason is pretty cautious much of the time and very curious.  He loves to run around, play ball, look for bugs and smash them, he is obsessed with animals, loves to read, is almost always happy (unless he's not feeling well), doesn't have much fear of strangers, and pulls some great facial expressions...these are some of the things that describe my little man. 

I am pretty sure he does not like the feeling of being "out of control." Doesn't like the swinging at the park AT ALL. Slides are Okay. Also discovered, elevators freak him out a little (unless he's in someones arms, then it's hilarious!?)

A couple weeks ago, Josh was in SLC for work.  So I met up with one of my besties, Sar.  Well we decided we would take the Kiddos to Jungle Jim's. BAD IDEA. I figured Kase would like it, cause he likes the little quarter rides at the mall. This was a step up from the quarter rides. Mom was wrong.  Carousel, clung to me like a spider monkey; Moving jeeps, "No, No, No," shaking his head; sitting on a non-moving quarter ride, finally had some success there! But his favorite thing to do was to climb up the basket ball game, steal the balls and put them in the Skee ball slots. Yes, I let him do it. No shame.

So I guess he is not claustrophobic.  All in all it was a great day.  Happy I could spend time with Sar and her cute girls!
 This brave girl was all about going on the rides (the big ones) by herself!
Little cuties on a tiny boat!
 One determined boy!

Teaching Kam to be naughty!
Wiped out from too much fun!  
  How you get a toddler, suitcase, and a pack and play from the 3rd floor to the car in ONE trip!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I keep saying (to myself) rather, thinking "I am so over blogging."

Then the "Mom guilt" creeps in.  I feel like I am going to regret not blogging those little moments that make this season of life so great!   I have been WRITING things down in a journal, on a pretty regular basis.

So perhaps the journaling lessens my desire, drive, motivation to keep up on the blog....then in creeps the "mom guilt"and here I am again.  I think to myself, I "NEED" to combine the text with the pictures.  I need an app for that.  An app that allows me to instantly add photos to my own personal handwritten words.  For me it's the same idea as a written/mailed letter is just a little more special than a typed e-mail.  So yeah.  That's what I want, a way to combine my handwritten entries with photos of the day.  That's all.  Go ahead Genie, I will  save my other two wishes for later.

And here is some of what has been going on in our lives. Picture overload comin' at cha!
 Late night at Boondocks for my cousin Jack's b day.  Kase was wiped, it was almost 2 hours passed his bedtime!
 Kason LOVED basket ball games this winter!
 ...and ice cream
 He thought this chair on the bathroom stall wall was the funniest thing!
 Josh got the opportunity to go to China for almost 2 weeks with his MBA program!  It was a great experience for him.  Kase and I missed him like CRAZY, but so happy for him that he got to go!
 Such amazing and different architecture than we are used to seeing!

Kason and I were SICK SICK SICK, for a good portion of Josh being gone. Kase got the flu (puking) for the first time.  So sad!  I got the bug just as he was on the mend.  This pic was the night before I got sick.  We HAD to get out of the house. Kason was content as can be in his Ergo for over an hour as we went on a walk.  Sure didn't mind all the extra snuggles I got.  
We were better just in time for Dad to get home!
 Little China Doll Babe
My Cuz Dustin got married!
Got to see lots of Fam, which was lovely!
Sure love these boys!
Cousin LOVE
And loves for Papa
Kase thought he was so big pushing Ruby around!
We have had some sunshine play outside park kind of days...and some wet snowy winter isn't quite gone kind of days!
Easter morning, yes please I'll have some of that candy for breakfast!
Handsome Boys!
Sock swag
 It was such a pretty day!
Kase and Lo got to have an Easter Egg hunt.  Kase dropped his egg and his face was priceless in this picture.  Holidays are so fun with these babes!  It is so much fun having these two only 2 months apart.  We will miss them while they are away in TX this summer! : (
Just walking his new pup
 Baby Animal Days with Claire
 The horses were his fav
 O hello
 This little man just makes my day....everyday!
 He has worked all winter on this bod!
I have waited a long time to bust out this shorty swimming suit. I can't get enough of it!

 And last but not least...he got a little haircut and he looks too big!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My little Valentine

Ever since I left home for college, I have always sent out Valentine notes to loved ones.  The most important part of Love day to me isn't the chocolate, balloons, flowers, or gifts.  I can honestly say I kind of dislike all of the "fluff" of this holiday.  The reason I like V day so much is because, it is just one more chance to let those you love know how much they mean to you! 

So last year I sent out Valentines with little mister's cute mug on them, sooo of course I had to keep with the tradition.  Who wouldn't want a valentine from Kase?!  One day a couple weeks ago my cabin fever/growing hate for cold Logan winter resulted in a spontaneous photo shoot with Kason.  Love this little bug!

My photo skills are crap but I was still able to capture this little ham and get some valentines made.  Happy love day to all!


 This face kills me!
 Yes, there were some tears (only a couple!)
 Finally getting (a little!) chub on those thighs
 Cool Guy
 "Mom, are you kidding me, I am soooo over this photo shoot..." I will take my socks off and watch TV
Lucky to have this little man as my valentine 365 days out of the year!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding Bells!

My brother Hayden got married!!  I adore his new bride Mrs. Jackie Lyn Richards.  Jackie is from Arizona.  Hayden and Jackie were married on January 12th in the Mesa, AZ temple.  It was a beautiful day and anyone in their presence could feel the love these two have for each other.  That is one of the reasons I love Jackie, she is a perfect match for Hayd!  The reception in AZ was really fun and we all got a little dance on!  Due to Josh's school schedule I made the trip to AZ alone.  I wish my two boys could have come, but I got to spend some extra time with my aunties and my fam. 
 All of my mom's sisters came to AZ early to spend time together.  I was lucky to get to spend some extra time with them too!!
 Grandpa Bolinder and all his daughters!

Two weeks later after the wedding, honeymoon, and move to Boise,  (sooo excited Hayd and Jack will be close!) there was a wedding open house in Boise.  We made a really quick trip to Boise (less than 24 hours) to be there.  The trip was too quick, but glad we were close enough to be there!
 Open House. Boise, ID
 Great Gramps making Kase Babes laugh!
 Grammy (looking radiant) and bee bee boy!
Just missin Corby Joe.  He wasn't able to come home from college (Arizona) for the open house!