Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My little Valentine

Ever since I left home for college, I have always sent out Valentine notes to loved ones.  The most important part of Love day to me isn't the chocolate, balloons, flowers, or gifts.  I can honestly say I kind of dislike all of the "fluff" of this holiday.  The reason I like V day so much is because, it is just one more chance to let those you love know how much they mean to you! 

So last year I sent out Valentines with little mister's cute mug on them, sooo of course I had to keep with the tradition.  Who wouldn't want a valentine from Kase?!  One day a couple weeks ago my cabin fever/growing hate for cold Logan winter resulted in a spontaneous photo shoot with Kason.  Love this little bug!

My photo skills are crap but I was still able to capture this little ham and get some valentines made.  Happy love day to all!


 This face kills me!
 Yes, there were some tears (only a couple!)
 Finally getting (a little!) chub on those thighs
 Cool Guy
 "Mom, are you kidding me, I am soooo over this photo shoot..." I will take my socks off and watch TV
Lucky to have this little man as my valentine 365 days out of the year!


Diana Hulme said...

cuuuute! love these! :)

Doug & Randi said...

I love how he is balwing his little head off in the one picture, and then in the next one he is totally happy again. That is how Kadence dramatic. :) Oh man, gotta love 'em though! Kason is SOOO cute!