Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding Bells!

My brother Hayden got married!!  I adore his new bride Mrs. Jackie Lyn Richards.  Jackie is from Arizona.  Hayden and Jackie were married on January 12th in the Mesa, AZ temple.  It was a beautiful day and anyone in their presence could feel the love these two have for each other.  That is one of the reasons I love Jackie, she is a perfect match for Hayd!  The reception in AZ was really fun and we all got a little dance on!  Due to Josh's school schedule I made the trip to AZ alone.  I wish my two boys could have come, but I got to spend some extra time with my aunties and my fam. 
 All of my mom's sisters came to AZ early to spend time together.  I was lucky to get to spend some extra time with them too!!
 Grandpa Bolinder and all his daughters!

Two weeks later after the wedding, honeymoon, and move to Boise,  (sooo excited Hayd and Jack will be close!) there was a wedding open house in Boise.  We made a really quick trip to Boise (less than 24 hours) to be there.  The trip was too quick, but glad we were close enough to be there!
 Open House. Boise, ID
 Great Gramps making Kase Babes laugh!
 Grammy (looking radiant) and bee bee boy!
Just missin Corby Joe.  He wasn't able to come home from college (Arizona) for the open house!

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